14 Reasons Why SEO is Still the Best Marketing Strategy in 2017

As notably one of the best Tampa SEO companies, we can attest there are plenty of naysayers who will have you believe that there are more disadvantages to search engine optimization than advantages. It’s true you could mistakenly use SEO tactics that might signal the search engine bots of nefarious practices.

We are certainly aware of negative SEO tactics as well, They are commonly deployed by direct competitors to signal malicious attempts to bury your site in the dirt. So without collecting and monitoring your data and backinks regularly, you won’t have enough data to understand why your site is not ranking properly. Our updated SEO portal now provides you with the latest data and suggestions you need to fix all the issues with your website. You can learn more about our powerful new SEO portal report features listed on our SEO packages page.

Now, let’s take a look at 14 powerful reasons why SEO is still the best marketing strategy for local businesses.

Tampa SEO InfographicsMake sure to ask about our detailed SEO audits. We have improved our SEO portal to uncover every aspect of your on-page and off-page factors that may be hindering your Google rankings.


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