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More and more entrepreneurs and companies are striving to build quality links when implementing their search engine optimization strategy. We know that link building strategies based on link farms, forum posts and paid PR articles are still working. But in the meantime, we also know that pages with such a link profile have unstable positions.

For example, in August 2018, Medic-update shook the rankings of domestic medical-themed websites. He listed those medical-health pages that did not have a significant amount of professional link backgrounds. True, there were several rounds of corrections from Google, but the message was clear.

In quality link building, we strive for content-rich professional websites, blogs and popular, trusted news portals and magazines to link to our website. It is almost impossible to get on these surfaces for money. This is where you have to deliver outstanding content. Many people, therefore, forego these opportunities. But the real power lies in these links.

1. Public Topics In Our Online Marketing Strategy

We can get into popular magazines and news portals if we put the sales aspects of our own product or service in brackets on topics that may be of interest to a wider audience. This includes any news or issue that is “not thematic about our business”, to which we may add a little bit of our own. For example:

  • domestic policy, foreign policy; the appearance of new laws;
  • the current statement and history of each celeb;
  • continuously trendy topics (environmental protection, child-rearing, transport, physical and mental health, etc.)

It is easy to get into the domestic public with these topics, because businesses almost never venture into this field, so you have almost no competition to contend with. And if you are able to put your own professional aspects into writing, magazines will be rewarded for the content, because you can write more proficiently than a journalist who doesn’t know the subject. And you may not even know that it’s worth dealing with. The newspaper will also appreciate the opportunity because it does not come from its source but arrives for free.

One of my writings was published in Hungarian Orange. At the height of the refugee crisis, I conducted an analysis of how government messages are being squeezed out in the population. No one has written to me about the subject, and since it was relevant, I was pleased to announce it.

2. To Raise New, Unknown Topics

Those who follow international blogs or magazines in their own profession often find themselves in a topic that no one in Hungary has written or even thought exists. We do not go into such topics during keyword research as no one searches for these terms. We have to create them ourselves.

With a mistaken analogy, I could say that this method prevents competition on the runway. The comparison is incorrect because:

Here, we overtake our competitors on a track that most people don’t even remember to start.

It’s a pleasure to use these articles to break the unanimous theme, face, and personality of our often boring professional blogs.

For me, this was the issue of website emissions, which I am the first to write about in Hungary. Posting to my list, many read the novel and quickly rewarded the article with an unexpected link:

This link highlights the surprising advantage of the technique. The link appeared on a busy blog, which MOZ estimates are moderately strong domain (DA 18), a very content-rich blog that reports on the day-to-day life of a family. Although the link contains a number of errors (no anchor text, no quantity content around it, etc.) for the delicate professional eye, it is one thing to note: it is a natural-to-blood link that I have received solely for the content. And Google loves such links.

3. Make A Link From A Radio Or Television Interview

If you can talk about “out-of-the-box” topics, sooner or later the phone will ring and ask you for an interview. It is worth answering these requests and promptly offering the reporter the opportunity to write an interview based on the interview so that they can publish it on their website. This can help you have an article that not only gives you 100% control over the content but also places your link in it.

This is a link building technique that is similar to converting mentions into links. The difference is that in this case, you also have to create the mention yourself, because, at the time of the interview, the article does not exist in written form and without you, it is not certain that the mention will occur, because you do not know to write this article in connection with your speech.

Getting links from TV and radio websites is not easy, because your article goes through many hands before it appears. And in the meantime, the links may be dropped or you may get a no-follow tag. Therefore, it is worth discussing with the reporter before the interview to help you get the article published with your link. This can significantly increase your chances of a successful appearance.

4. Cooperation with NGOs

SEO expert David Booth pointed out in a tutorial that links from nonprofit sites are particularly valuable to Google. He recommends that we get links from NGO websites if we can.

Integrating with NGOs is an integral part of my business strategy. If I make a website for an organization on a voluntary basis or give a lecture on a voluntary basis, I always agree with them to report it on their website, if appropriate and ask them to place a link to it.

In such cases, it is imperative to make it clear to non-governmental organizations that this will increase the value of our website to Google and may even bring us direct financial gain.

One such collaboration with the Society for Freedoms in 2018 was to jointly analyze the accessibility of government agencies’ websites. The results were published jointly, and I wrote articles for the organization’s website and blog, which were hosted on separate domains.

5. Publication Of Press Release

As an entrepreneur, we can issue a press release as well as a public figure or a political party. All we need is a press list. This can be legally compiled from the contact pages and impressions of news portals and magazines in a long day. If we can’t or don’t want to build our own press list, we can use their list in cooperation with a non-governmental organization. In this case, they send out the bulletin.

Once we have the content, we have two things to do:

  1. We need to write an article on our own website.
  2. We need to prepare a press release that includes a link to our website.

A few days after submitting your article, you should look for the title of the press release and you will see it published in several places. You must look at the pages one by one and check for a link to our site. If included, we can congratulate ourselves.

If not – which is the more common case – you should call or write to the editorial office. Thank you for publishing this press release and asking them to indicate the source of the content once it has been submitted, that is, us. Most places will be happy to do so. And there will be portals, magazines that will eliminate this.

You won’t get links everywhere, but that’s no problem: With two or three press releases a year, you can slowly build a stable relationship with more press and get more and more links.

We issued such a press release in the above-mentioned case, where we examined the accessibility of government agencies’ websites. We’ve found that some editors have literally put a press release on their site, meaning they have linked our sites to the keywords we look for.

The Place Of Creative Content In Online Marketing Strategy

The method described above works great and I constantly apply them to my blogs for search engine optimization.

But it is important to know that creative themes cannot replace professional content. A blog or webshop should primarily publish professional articles, and a strong link profile should not lack links from specifically professional websites.

Public or non-professional content has a complementary role. The significance of these topics is that we can get to websites with very strong domain value, which can increase the credibility of our website in the eyes of Google. We have access to powerful websites with a value of up to 40-70 DA that simply does not exist in a number of specialties in Hungary.

Focus on the topic:

One of the most important experiences with this technique of link building is that it is much easier than I first thought.

Magazines are extremely open, and NGOs and journalists are eagerly awaiting cooperation from the market that can bring new winds to them. There is a lot to learn from each of these collaborations, and then new ideas will emerge.

Good topics, by themselves, will pave the way for even the best magazines. So the question is how do we invent such topics for ourselves.

As an example, I created a content template that anyone can use. For the sake of simplicity, I thought about a gardener’s web site what topics you could avoid competing with in order to get links from websites with a strong domain value. But with many title ideas, we can replace horticulture with any profession or service.

Topic Ideas for a Gardener’s Website:

  • Which chemicals do not harm us and our children in the garden? >> An article to write for health, environmental magazine.
  • How to Prepare Your Garden for Global Warming? >> You can find it in any gardening magazine or even in a weekly newspaper.
  • How does the arrangement of the garden influence our relationship? >> Psychology and home improvement magazines may be interested in the topic.
  • Are gardeners happier than those who live in a flat? >> An article for a psychological, relationship magazine or portal.
  • Why is a new government proposal endangering/helping garden owners? >> Any popular news portal or political magazine.
  • What kind of music do garden plants love? >> The theme exists and can be featured in a music magazine or any interesting site.
  • Billboard in the garden: what to look for once we have plowed ourselves? >> We can provide content for marketing, advertising magazines.
  • Mythological plants that are also found in our gardens >> Writing in historical or even gardening magazines.

You can get such ideas by following the leading international blogs and magazines of our profession. Regularly reading other professional magazines or literature that are completely independent of ours helps a lot. Or if we are conscious of what we could add to the news when reading the daily news.


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